Is your wishlist rather long?!

I have run hostess papercrafter groups for several years now and when your wish list is as long as your shopping list, it’s time to join. My papercrafter groups are a great way to budget your purchases. You can choose any products from the current catalogue and any promotions that run during your time with the group and you do not have to live near me in order to join. This group is currently only available to those who have a UK address.

Your commitment

  • You will place an order every month for 6 months from June 2022 to November 2023 of at least £30.00 before delivery costs.  
  • You will place your order via my online shop using the unique monthly hostess code and pay delivery costs from UPS of £6.95 on every order.
  • You will place your order in the first two weeks of every month starting June 2022.
  • On your HOST month, you will choose your host items in the last 2 weeks of your host month and contact me with that information to enable me to place your host order.  Any extra money owed on host reward overspend or half price item will be paid to me before the order is finalised and placed in the last two weeks of the month.  I will cover the cost of delivery to you

The finer details

  • Anyone can join from the UK.
  • This club is for customers only.
  • You are committing to being part of the club for 6 months and cannot leave early.
  • You will pay the full cost of delivery each month when placing your online order which is £6.95.
  • I require 6 people per club but can run multiple clubs if numbers allow.
  • Each group of 6 members will have their own unique monthly code to use.
  • The code will change each month and if the wrong code is used the responsibility to place an order each month using the correct codes still stands.
  • I can only run a club when I have 6 participants.  A club can be started at any time as long as 6 participants are willing to join.
  • You are welcome to take more than one place in the club which will require you to place multiples of £30.00 depending on how many places you wish to use.  You will also be allocated multiple host months.
During your 6 month term, on one of the months you will receive the value of the hostess rewards!  You may choose to increase your order, as you can see in the hostess benefits table, the higher the sales, the more hostess benefits you can earn!  When it is your hostess month, the minimum rewards you will receive to choose as free product is £15.
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If you’d like to commit to a spot in the group, click the “register here” below to sign up.